Concrete Is A Durable Driveway Option

You’ll use your driveway every day, and this constant usage can be damaging. Over time, your driveway could develop cracks and breakages that could send large, jagged pieces of driveway through a tire.

A damaged driveway is a problem if you want a beautiful home and a drivable car, and you can avoid this problem by getting a concrete driveway.

Concrete is durable and long-lasting, so with it for a driveway, you can do all the parking you need to do every day without having to suffer from an unsightly, damaged driveway or unexpected flat tire!

If you want a durable and affordable concrete driveway put in (or any kind of stone driveway, put in), call The USA Home Improvement. With our experience and dedication to quality work, we can provide the best driveway work in town!


While the average expected lifespan of a concrete driveway is roughly around 30 years, there are a number of different factors that can affect that number, and as such, the lifespan of your concrete driveway could vary somewhat significantly.

Since the length of time that your concrete driveway remains intact can vary quite significantly from the average at times, it’s important to ensure you know the signs to be on the lookout for that might indicate the time has come to finally replace it. Unfortunately, this is something a lot of homeowners simply aren’t certain of.

To help you in that regard, our team of skilled The USA Home Improvement has taken the time to put together this short list highlighting a few of the most common signs you can keep an eye out for that might indicate it’s time to replace your old concrete driveway. We invite you to take a quick read through our short article and give us a call if you determine it’s time to replace your old concrete driveway surface.

Long, Deep Cracks

Cracking is a fairly common issue with most concrete driveways and can be caused due to a wide variety of different factors. Between the expansion and contraction of the driveway surface due to temperature fluctuations, concrete settling, or even constant exposure to harsh weather, small cracks can sometimes form, and when they do, the best option is to have them sealed.

There are some cracks that are a bit longer and deeper, however, they can’t be sealed properly, and if you notice these starting to appear in your driveway, it might be a sign that you should start looking at replacement options. There isn’t an exact measurement as to what constitutes too deep or too long when it comes to driveway cracks, and will usually be up to your chosen The USA Home Improvement as to whether or not your cracks are able to be repaired or not. If they aren’t able to be repaired, replacement might be your only option.

Sunken Concrete

Having areas of your concrete driveway that appear to be sinking is another sign that it might be time to start considering replacement. Sinking concrete is often an issue that comes about as a result of drainage issues of some kind, so it is important to ensure you have these resolved before you lay down a new surface. Your driveway is sloped to ensure that any water that lands on its surface is able to find its way easily down the slope and into the gutters, but if there are any cracks, potholes, or improper grading present, it could be causing this water to seep under your concrete and erode the foundation, leading to sinking areas of the surface, While there are some products that can be injected under your concrete in order to prop it back up, they are often pricey and don’t always work. If your concrete surface is already a bit older, replacement might be your better option from the start.

Pitting & Potholes

Another sign that indicates it’s time to replace your old concrete driveway is the presence of pitting or potholes. There is any number of things that can cause pitting and potholes to form in the surface of your concrete driveway, whether it’s the result of heavy vehicle tread, hail, water damage, or even natural deterioration from aging. Whatever the case may be, pitting and potholes are serious issues for your driveway surface as they can absorb water and lead to number of other issues for your driveway foundation. While pitting and potholes can be repaired, these are usually only temporary and will only buy you so much time. If you notice pitting or potholes forming in your concrete driveway surface, replacement is likely going to be your best option.

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