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The biggest thing to consider before starting your deck installation project is choosing the right contractor. You are giving your contractor permission to install a new structure in your home that will effectively change the way your house will look and function. That’s why there should be no room for doubt in your heart when you lock in your choice for THE USA HOME IMPROVEMENT.

The USA Home Improvement is a credible Houston deck builder that has all the needed qualifications to offer our services to the whole Texas area. We have carefully studied all the aspects of deck building and building safety codes and standards to better serve our clients. Furthermore, The USA Home Improvement specializes in porch and deck installations, so you can be sure that our skill set perfectly fits the requirement to build a customized deck for your home.

What Type of Decks can THE USA HOME IMPROVEMENT build in TEXAS?

The USA Home Improvement is a specialized deck builder  that knows how to deal with every type of deck. We know which combination of material type, support system, and safety features to utilize to create you a custom deck that can be enjoyed by your family for years. Believe us when we say that no one knows deck building better than The USA Home Improvement.

This is why we created a short list of deck types for you to check out down below.

Attached Deck

  • The simplest type of deck that can be quickly built.
  • Best for houses that have an L-shaped or U-shaped layout.
  • Usually connected to the side of your home that faces the backyard area.
  • Can be ground level or raised.

Multi-Tier Deck

  • Individual decks are intricately layered to create the illusion of multiple floors.
  • Creates even spaces for areas that have irregular elevations.
  • Each level is connected to the other via a pathway such as stairs.

Wraparound Deck

  • This deck adapts to the external shape of the property.
  • Goes around the home and builds a common space between intersected rooms and areas.
  • Usually elevated a few feet off the ground.

Detached Deck

  • This deck requires the least number of support.
  • Doesn’t need to be fastened to an existing structure.
  • Creates a usable platform on the unfavorable ground.

Pool Deck

  • Constructed to fit the design of the pool.
  • Made of waterproof and soft material that prioritizes the safety of swimmers.
  • Can be elevated or placed on the ground.

To get started on building a new custom deck for your home, go ahead and contact us through our provided telephone number or through our website form. We will set up a meeting between you and our representative to start laying out the groundwork for your deck installation. Each detail you provide us will be used in the planning phase of your deck design to produce a top-quality deck.

Your first consultation with The USA Home Improvement is a no-commitment and easy process. We give you the opportunity to think about our design and building process first, without the added pressure of immediately committing. To further earn your trust, you can get a free quote from us when you head over to our website and answer the free quotation form.

Why Choose The USA Home Improvement

  • We are fully insured, and registered
  • Master carpenters and design experts
  • Only the highest quality materials
  • We take time to understand your needs
  • Ask questions, offer ideas, we’re happy to discuss everything in detail
  • FREE in-home estimates
  • We stick to budget and time estimates
  • Daily clean-up, no mess left behind
  • Detailed inspection at the conclusion of work
  • We work with you every step of the way
  • Custom designs

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